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Visiting town for a birthday 2 weekends ago and was told we HAVE to try Elk Creek water, we get in, walk to the bar and order 4 pitchers for our group of 10 and walk to a table and sit down, 4 of us walked outside to get the remaining group of people, didn‘t even have a drink before we walked in the place and the bouncer told us we were "too drunk" and couldn‘t come back in, and when asked how we were "too drunk", he said we looked different. Im sorry it is -10 degrees outside and we were cold as all get out. Being almost 30 years old, this was an embarrassment. Avoid this place at all costs.
Ate there today, the food was phenomenal! Their sweet potato fries were off the hook! I could eat their panini every day of the week. I got to try some of my husband‘s burger and I would order that in a heartbeat. Too great for words. A must go to restaurant!
After watching them add no alcohol to our drink we were escorted out after we made a comment about it, can I give a lower rating than 1 star?
This place is pretty awesome now with all the new changes. They have something going on 6 days of the week. It‘s perfect for people looking to have a good time without having to deal with a lot of the crap that goes on a few blocks away downtown. On the weekends they have a DJ in the back and they always have karaoke available in the front. So fun. And PERFECT to watch the games at on the big screen in the back!
Gave his place a try after work for the first time ever, it was a satisfying experience. They have a good beer selection that was fairly priced and the wings were extremely tasty. Service was fine, excited to see what this place is like during Husker events. Overall, we will make this as one of our stops in the rotation.