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Lincoln Hottest Dance Club

226 S 9th St

Lincoln, NE

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Lincoln Q Club in Lincoln

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Lincoln Hottest Dance Club, Come down and see the club for your self, you wont be disappointed. We have a state of the art sound and lighting system, were else can you see a drag queen fly over the crowd, Great shows on Sat and Sun, Strip night on Thursday. After shows or strip, dance until you drop to the hottest beats from around the world. Open Tuesday-Sunday 8pm-1am. Check out the site for all information for shows and events.
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Tuesdays Bingo And Dance
Thursdays Contest Night
Friday Beer Bust
Saturday House Shows
Sunday Drag shows
Tuesday -Sunday
All Types . Straight, Gay,Bi,Trans,Goth, Punk Rock, Rock, anybody the one place were you can be what you want and no one say anything different but to accept you for you
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December 7, 2012 starstarstarstarstar
I have only been once so far but will definitely go back. I‘m straight, and went on a whim with a friend but I absolutely loved it! I didn‘t feel judged or anything, and met some great people who are just so fun! The drag shows are entertaining, and not to be taken too seriously. Only thing is the bathrooms are kind of sketchy. Otherwise, hell yeah!
August 7, 2012 starstarstarstarstar
I went to this bar with my girlfriend not knowing what to expect. What I experienced was an outstanding bar with a great atmosphere, friendly bartenders, excellent service, and a very welcoming and excepting environment. We happened to go on a Saturday night which happened to be amateur night. The show was very entertaining. I will honestly say the bartenders here were better at their jobs, and without a doubt more friendly than a majority of bartenders working in others bars in downtown Lincoln. Restroom was very clean, building was in excellent condition, everything was outstanding. If you are hesitant to visit The Q Bar (for whatever reason), I would highly recommend giving it a shot. I came in with some preconceived notions and left easily ranking this as one of the five best bars in downtown Lincoln.
May 17, 2012 starstarstarstarstar
I would venture to say the negative remarks are from the blinded people in Nebraska. This place rocks and I have NEVER seen anyone be negative, rude or disrespectful. As for the minors where else should they go and be supervised in this city? Be grateful the staff is willing to let them come in, strip night, well I am sure they have seen nudity before. OMG hide another part of growing up the children (adults in other states) can‘t see that! I would have to say I would prefer my child to be at the Q then, gang banging, drugs, shooting people, robbing, raging on someone oh and out practicing unsafe sex.
December 13, 2011 starno starno starno starno star
Blah! Is this place for real? Trying too hard to be big city... Blah!
December 3, 2011 starstarstarstarstar
The Q was awesome! I went on a Thursday night. And sure, they let 18 year olds in on that day (and that day only as far as I know), but Nebraska is one of very few states that 19 is adulthood. Therefore, they‘re just giving the opportunity. The staff is great and they keep the crowd under control. I would definitely go again and recommend it to all! :) The only complaint I had was the restrooms were a bit dirty and out of date, but hey, it‘s a bar.
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