Yang's Cafe

400 N 48th St

Lincoln, NE



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September 26, 2008 starstarstarstarstar
This place is excellent! I have been there a couple of times and the food is just great! I daresay that the food is the closest that I can get to Malaysian food (I come from Malaysia). Being a lover of spicy food, I think that my favorite dish would be the sambal fish. I would recommend their salty squid as well. And the cold dishes that the serve as appetizers are tasty too! Would definitely go back again! ^^
July 4, 2008 starstarstarstarstar
This place has some fantastic Chinese and Korean food. I was over by Best Buy and found this place by accident, but I‘m glad I did. It‘s like a mom and pop‘s shop with everybody treating you like you‘re a familiar friend, but the food is the real standout. I had their curry chicken and my buddy had the Bulgogi and it we couldn‘t believe how good the food was. Just to let you know the chili pepper for hot is not for show.